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Leadership in Evaluative Thinking Institute
Better Thinking, Greater Impact!


For an application to this exciting opportunity, please follow this link.

Would you like to know for sure what kind of impact your work is having on the community?
Do you wish you had greater clarity on directions for growth and change?
Do you sometimes feel like your agency goals are ambiguous or out of date?
Are you maximizing your resources to achieve your mission and vision?
Do you feel there is a disconnect between your board, staff, programs, and the constituents that you serve?
Do you wish your reports reflected your good work more accurately?
Are you clear on the “why” of your organization but challenged to show others that you are able to do this?
Have you made the move toward on-line data collection and tracking systems but still find you’re not using your information as much as you’d like to make critical decisions and improvements?
Despite having formal evaluations over the years, do you find your staff meetings focus more on the “what” and “how” instead of the “so what” of the work you’re doing?
If any of these questions resonate with you, there is a 6-month leadership development opportunity that will give you and your agency the tools to explore these questions and encourage new ways of thinking about success and achievement.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

·        Think about and examine the assumptions that guide your organization’s work

·        Engage in collaborative and results-based planning.

·        Act effectively through your systems and programs to accomplish the change you want.

·        Communicate with your key stakeholders the changes that you have committed to and  have  been able to achieve.

·        Partner with other organizations in your community to achieve collective impact around a shared vision.

For more information, please contact Turning Point Inc. at trnpt@aol.com

For an application to this exciting opportunity, please follow this link.

The Leadership in Evaluative Thinking Institute has evolved from a collective effort and represents a partnership among these organizations:

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