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10 years is a long time. Lilli Trinchero is a persistent advocate for the elimination of bullying. She is seeing success because she has learned to be patient. Too many donors think that their gifts are not working because they don’t see the change they hoped for quickly. Lilli began by putting together anti-bullying resource binders with the help of volunteers for elementary classrooms; she then worked with the Nevada Attorney General’s Taskforce on Bullying. Last year her Celebrate Diversity Fund hired a consulting firm to conduct a school climate audit that help the School District win a $4 million Federal Grant to help children who have been exposed to pervasive violence.

Cultural shifts are like landslides. It takes some shaking and washing of rocks and obstacles before the earth transforms itself.  When you give with a plan for measuring, gathering, and giving feedback to your favorite  organizations, and a commitment to help over several years you will motivate bigger results.  Photo above taken by Kyle House, posted on the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology website.

You don’t need to be afraid to take on a big problem. The Community Foundation was established to help you do just that. You won’t go it alone. You will have experts helping you with research, facilitating meetings and collaborations and helping evaluate the work funded through your generosity.

Talk about your big idea. Call Tracy Turner, Chief Philanthropy Officer 775-333-5499.

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