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Konner Robison Inspired to Start Scholastic Gateway Fund

Konner Robson, a student at SageRidge High School, is member of the Community Foundation High School Giving Circle. Through his involvement with the Circle, he learned how to start a foundation, make grants and research philanthropic need. Konner used his experience to create the Scholastic Gateway Charitable Fund.The Scholastic Gateway Fund is a charity that has a specific mission – to raise money to provide much needed technology for schools and deserving students. After forming the Scholastic Gateway Charitable Fund, Konner selected a group of advisors who have experience in education and in philanthropy.

With the guidance of a Board of Advisors, Konner has raised $123,567.12 in the two years of the fund’s existence.

After researching the needs of various schools in the community, he has decided that the Fund’s first grant should go to Sparks High School. He interviewed with the principal and technological advisor for Sparks High and determined that they are in desperate need of financial assistance for needed technology.

On Friday, September 7, 2012, Konner appeared before the Sparks High School assembly (all students) to make his $5,000 donation to the school. The $5,000 was used by Sparks High to purchase approximately 60 Inspire Calculators to assist students with their academic endeavors to allow these deserving students to compete on a level academic field.

Konner is researching the specific needs for specific schools and has discovered that the technological needs of local schools and deserving students are not being met by public funding. Konner is devoted to the mission and objectives of the Scholastic Gateway Charitable Fund and is passionate about this cause. You can learn more at scholasticgatewayfund.org

The Scholastic Gateway fund has granted a total of $96,159.84 to Washoe County High Schools.  The Scholastic Gate grants are available twice annually. The RFP will be posted on the website in March 2014.

Join with this exceptional young man and make your contribution to help deserving students compete on a level academic field.




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