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$9,217,217.81  in grants have been sent from the Community Foundation so far this year.  That represents 657 separate grants.  These grants are donations to hundreds of charities courtesy of donors made now, per their advice, and many made per the instructions of generous donors through bequests.  Our grants this year may top $10 million.  WOW.

And the generosity is increasing.  Last year at this same time we had sent 80 fewer grants totaling approximately $7 million.

I have been thinking about donations. It is not just because of the work that I do at the Foundation.  Every day all of us receive solicitation letters, listen to gift requests on the radio and television, open emails and answer calls.  Charities depend more upon our generosity during this time of year than any other.

I don’t know why we tend to give more this time of year, but I personally am caught up in the cycle.  I have about a dozen year-end gifts to make.  All the checks are written with the envelopes waiting to be mailed on December 20th.  It is no wonder that charities get worried because many of them wait all year for their loyal donors to renew their support.  I am not going to let them down.

If you are reading this on Monday, December 15th, you may be thinking that it is only 16 days until the last day of the year–and only 9 days until Christmas Eve.  Yes!  It is fast approaching.  But, there is still time to do some good; so grab your checkbook and write one or two extra checks this year… that is what we have been doing at the Community Foundation. You are welcome to check out the priority fundraising needs of many outstanding nonprofits through the Nonprofit Connections section of the Community Foundation website.

Next year the Community Foundation will move offices to a new location. It will be sad to leave our location on the corner of Arlington Avenue where we have worked since 2000, but the Foundation has grown so much we no longer fit in our offices.  In January you will receive information on our new location and a request urging you to update your contact information.  But that is next year, not today, and you have enough to do this month.

You may already be on vacation next week, spending time with family and friends, shopping and scurrying about for those special holiday coffees and cookies.  So on behalf of all of us here at the Community Foundation, best wishes to you and yours, and please, may there be peace on earth.

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Chris Askin, President & CEO,

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