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The Washoe County Social Impact Capacity Building Academy working group (aka Evaluation working group) met this morning to finalize the application for the pilot Capacity Building Academy (CBA) and work on the message for sending news about the CBA opportunity to other Washoe County nonprofits and agencies.

We’ll circulate that message and the application to a small group at first to make sure the message is clear and that all questions are answered. Once we get the message nailed, we’ll send it along with the application to nonprofits and agencies to give them the opportunity to apply for the CBA.

We are also going to convene the grant writing team and start that process as well. The goal is to get the funding in place so we can launch the CBA without any delay. We’re riding the wave of our working group’s enthusiasm and commitment to this process!

Many on our distribution list may wish to learn more about the Healthy Communities Initiative work that is taking place in northern Nevada and that was referenced in an earlier wrap note/blog post. (You can catch up on the activities of this group by visiting the blog on https://nevadafund.org/category/evaluating-impact/. Please encourage anyone interested in this work to catch up on all the working group happenings by reading through the posts.)

Healthy Communities and the CBA are connected efforts. From the 6/30/14 blog: “We also learned that our efforts with EBP to date tie directly and specifically to the Healthy Communities efforts currently taking shape in our community. Nancy Hamilton and Nancy Brown ask each of us to be on the watch for an email invitation to attend a January 8, 2015, meeting on Healthy Communities. Both of the Nancys (as they are fondly referred to by our group) along with Cherie Jamason see a seamless connection between both efforts. Conversation on this topic was vibrant with the light bulb going on that our Capacity Building/EBP work will bolster the Healthy Communities work. What a boon!”

We’re setting up a conference call with Joselyn Cousins of the Federal Reserve Bank—the guru on the local Healthy Communities initiative—so that Joselyn can give us the background on the initiative and what’s expected to come from this effort. We’ll be able to see clearly how our CBA work will help inform the Healthy Communities work to strengthen our community. Please follow this link to a Doodle poll that will help us determine which date is best for this conference call: http://doodle.com/qwt68dnxx3zyk3hq. Please respond by Friday, September 19, so we can get Joselyn booked. Thanks!

Continuing to ride the wave toward increased capacity for our community,


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