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Wow, what a great meeting this morning! The momentum of this group is really impressive. Here are just a few key phrases that I captured in my notes:

“EBP will create common ground where nonprofits can connect; it will build a case for collaboration.”

“EBP will move us to impact thinking: what’s the problem to solve? How are we doing on that?”

“EBP will give us the data we need to receive new funding.”

“This discussion is a place for honesty about our services and how we are really doing.”

We had great discussion about developing a community institute, how we’d do that, and what it will involve. Part of the “to do” items for next week’s meeting is for each person to investigate what’s already being done on this around the country. You can send me links you find, and I will get them to the group.

We did decide to meet next Friday, May 2, at CFWN. For that meeting, we will tackle three of the items from the list we created this morning:

  1. Sell value of evidence-based practices to nonprofits; pull, not push.
  2. Create a community institute on evaluation—learning community. Homework: google “community institutes on EBP/evaluation”; send Tracy links to what you find. Cherie will ask Sarah/Kelly for outline.
  3. Learn who is already doing EBP. Homework: bring names to the meeting.

We will then begin to work on these items:

  • Know cost component of EBP
  • Learn where to start
  • Learn ways to collect data and what we have already that can be used
  • Identify community benefit
  • Establish goals: shift funders’ thinking from program to impact
  • Identify baseline data
  • Create common definitions/language
  • Educate funders
  • Create talking points: value of EBP

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