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teddy bears

In the days before Christmas, Chief Philanthropy Officer Tracy Turner answered a phone call from a woman who collects Teddy Bears. At 84, she no longer felt the need for her Teddy Bears to sit in perfect condition on the shelf. She wondered if we could suggest a good home for her beloved collection.

Tracy contacted the Reno Police Department and Sheriff’s Department. They enthusiastically picked up the Bears to give to youngsters in stressful situations. According to Heather Dreiling, Washoe County Sheriffs Office Victim Advocate, the Bears are a comfort to children and other victims. Sexual assault victims occasionally appreciate something to hold when reporting their experience and victims with dementia relax when a bear is put in their arms. Deputies now carry a few of these individually collected bears, each carefully wrapped to stay clean and undamaged, in the back of their car to be available when needed.

On days when we can help “connect the good,” we feel we have the best job in the world.

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