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Helping youth who are experiencing homelessness, working with a Carson City resident on his bequest arrangements, calling scholarship students to tell them the good news about their applications, planning for new investments in the community… it was another great week at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.

As we watch the news, read the paper, open our mail, and drive around town seeing billboards, we learn about local charities and opportunities to give every day, sometimes many times a day. But still the vast untapped wealth of charitable giving that is in Nevada, on every street and in so many households, remains.

Much of the unseen work of the Community Foundation involves meetings with individuals to discuss their charitable goals. I would like to share a few interesting but little known items that relate to charitable giving. These are from Michael Rosen, CFRE, from his book , Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing.
• Among those over 30, only 22 percent say they have been asked for a planned gift. This could explain why there’s so much untapped potential.
• Only 5.3 percent of those over 50 have made a charitable gift bequest commitment, but 33% of Americans are willing to consider a charitable bequest.
• While 1 percent of Americans have created a Charitable Remainder Trust, 5 percent are willing to consider one.
• Bequests are the major gift of the middle class. Many individuals wish they could provide significant current support to the nonprofit organizations they love but are simply not in a financial position to do so. Planned giving gives these individuals the opportunity to make a significant gift without pain.

Often when I speak with someone about the Community Foundation they are surprised at our involvement with so many local philanthropic works. The reason is because we work with our donors and others and we like any recognition to be focused on them, or the charities we are supporting, rather than the Community Foundation. One such project in which we hold great pride is the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. We were privileged to be consulted on this project in the earliest stages, working with the museum’s Founder, Chris Riche on grants for the conceptual stage and plans, talking with other foundations and donors about the project, making many grants to support the Museum at virtually every stage, the most recent grant being made last year through our Partnership Grant program.

Through conversations with potential donors I realize that to many people in the community we are a secret. I hope that we are not kept a secret any longer. Please join with me and spread the word about our community initiatives, services, partnerships, and ability to work with donors of all sizes with virtually any type of asset. With your help talking about the Community Foundation work that touches nearly everyone, we will become a household name and philanthropy will grow in our community.

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada is here to help you Care, Connect, and Engage. Please call today to learn more.
Chris Askin, President & CEO. 775-762-1932.
Connecting people who care with causes that matter.

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