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Once commonly sold as an aquarium plant, Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) causes enormous damage to Lake Tahoe and our precious Truckee River. Introduced into LakeEurasian MilifoilTahoe from boats and trailers, it robs the oxygen from the water and increases the sedimentation rate of our once pristine lake.

For years, the Truckee River Fund, managed by the Community Foundation has supported efforts to eradicate this invasive species from the clear waters. Botrf1at inspection and decontamination stations have established throughout the Region to serve boaters in the Truckee-Tahoe area. With coordination between agencies concerned with guarding the quality of the Lake and cooperation from the boat owners the needle of progress is moving in a positive direction.

Truckee River Fund Grant 141 supported control efforts on the Truckee River. Nicole Cartwright Aquatic Invasive Species Program Coordinator, Tahoe Resource Conservation District worked on the project and was amazed by the level of enthusiastic encouragement and support from local citizens.

“As we were laying down the bottom barriers people would ask in angry tones, “What are you doing?.” As I explained about the invasive species risk, the conversation would change, and they would end up thanking us for our work.” To see the mental shift and community support was spectacular. Restaurants lining the river, rafting companies, and the Rotary Clubs have all become involved, showing a solid understanding of the importance these projects.”

 Truckee River Fund grants show how much we as a community value Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River.  Citizens are willing to spend time inspecting and cleaning their watercraft and trailers. Agencies are working to collaborate and to coordinate efforts and resources. Volunteers are eager to educate boaters and the Truckee River Fund is proud to help financially make the good work happen.



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