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Business Owners, do you find that with so much rhetoric about the ACA it has been difficult for you to understand your responsibilities and potential exposures as relate to this reform?  Professional Advisors, do you think it is imperative that you have succinct and correct information to share?

To help answer these questions, the Community Foundation is making the Affordable Care Act in Nevada the focus of our 9th Annual Professional Advisor Education Seminar.

We chose this subject for the two-hour CLE and CEU credit seminar after talking with members of our Professional Advisors Council. We learned that a good concise and professional overview of the ACA and healthcare reform, combined with a NEVADA SPECIFIC PRESENTATION, will be valuable to professional advisors in our region.

Key to this presentation is addressing questions that your business clients may have to ensure they are in compliance and reducing any potential exposure.  Also, costs, etc.  We spoke with several potential presenters but knew we had a winner once we spoke with Kier Wallis of the Manatt Law Firm.  Ms. Wallis manages Manatt’s health solutions division, which educates the firm’s attorneys and works with their clients.  She sent us her outline a couple of weeks ago, and it is very powerful.

This program is being held at the State Bar of Nevada on May 1st, from 2-5pm.  In addition to a presentation on ACA and market reforms and insurance marketplaces, the program will dig into our Nevada Marketplace with updated information, discuss the new vision for Medicaid and CHIPS, and also discuss Medicaid and Medicare reforms. Cost is $50.  To register please call our office at 775-333-5499 or email Lyndsey Crossley: lcrossley@nevadafund.org

I urge every professional office in the area to send at least one person for this program.

Give me a call if I can help you or your clients with charitable giving. We make philanthropy simple, powerful and efficient.

Chris Askin, President and CEO,

PS.Software Engineers and Techies: Our Youth Network Initiative (You’N-I) to help homeless and struggling youth ages 12-24 is making great progress on a Youth Resource Directory.We are considering ways to make this resource available, including a new searchable online directory and by making the information available through an app.  If you would like to help and have expertise in searchable on-line databases or developing apps, please give me a call.

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