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Wednesday evening members of the Foundation Legacy Society, Board, and Professional Advisors Council gathered at the home of Brian and Nancy Kennedy to celebrate the generous estate gifts being planned, and made, in support of community needs.  It was a wonderful gathering with stories shared of plans as well as of completed gifts that are benefiting the region.  We were inspired and encouraged about the future benefit of the Legacy Society’s collective generosity and efforts. More than a half dozen new arrangements have been made this year, the majority made at the recommendation, and under the guidance, of the professional advisor.

Thursday, I attended the Estate Planning Council of Northern Nevada’s seminar taught by Christopher Hoyt, a Professor of Law at the University of Missouri who also advises Community Foundations.  Professor Hoyt brilliantly presented insights on the dramatic changes coming to income and estates taxes.  His strategies to help families achieve their financial and estate plans were thoughtful and innovative.  I was delighted to connect with dozens of our best professional advisors, as well as learn about the new ways philanthropy can achieve client’s charitable goals while also ensuring and improving financial benefits for spouses, children, and grandchildren.

Leaders such as Hoyt help us rethink conventional approaches to meeting client’s needs, and along the way we (advisors, donor clients, and non-profits) build stronger relationships.  The Community Foundation makes an effort to strengthen our unique relationships we have in the community with the professional advisors who interact with their clients and charitable nonprofits on the topics of estate planning and planned giving. As the saying goes… “it takes a community.”

Thanks all of the professional advisors in the region, and particularly the members of Estate Planning Council, and The Community Foundation Professional Advisors Council, for the fantastic work they do.  The planning and conversations are incredibly meaningful, but all the planning pales in comparison to the impact the gifts will and have had on the lives of people, animals, and the environment in our region.  As each year more of these gifts are made, the true benefit becomes more and more apparent.

If you, a friend, or a client would like to discuss charitable giving plans please give me a call.
We help people who care with causes that matter.
Chris Askin, President and CEO

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