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Tommy met Bennie at on a blind date. He almost backed out when he learned she was a Deputy Sheriff. Quickly his intimidation changed to infatuation and Tommie loved Bennie the rest of her life. His love for her endures today.

A successful southern California businessman Tommy retired in 1991. He and Bennie moved to Carson City where they returned to their church and began attending mass at St. Teresa of Avila. Bennie devoted herself to her faith and threw herself into helping the children of a mission school in Appalachia. Tommy was impressed with her example and became a more charitable person.

Bennie died June 16, 2006.

In August 2007 Tommy walked into the Dog House bar in Carson City and began the next phase of his life. At the Dog House he met his close friends, Mooch and Big Ernie. The three friends enjoy camping, hunting and fishing together. Tommy still yearns to catch the Big Brown to complete his bucket list and remains active in his church.

Tommy worked with his attorney and the Community Foundation to establish a scholarship for the children of St. Teresa Avila School and will leave his house to the Community Foundation so the religious clergy of St. Teresa’s may live in it.

I am happy because the burden is off me to organize my estate. I am very relieved and pleased. I can sleep at night without Bennie telling me in my dreams “to get on with the plans and make sure our money is put to good use.”  Right now I am playing hard with dear friends. I am older and in good health. Life is good. I cannot spend what I earned; it feels good to help these kids.

Legacy Society members like Tommy are the catalysts for Community Foundation growth and impact. Your reason  may be uniquely personal but  your gift will touch generations of Nevadans.

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