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Connecting diverse people to work together on community-wide challenges creates citizen engagement and unique, long term, caring solutions.


 The Community Foundation brings together people who may be on opposite sides of an issue…business, government, charities, to partner and achieve real results.

A Collaborative and Inclusive Process.
The Community Foundation defines stakeholders as anyone who cares. Whether you are a nonprofit staff member, private business employee, government worker, or a concerned community member, there is a place for you.

Solutions through Citizen Engagement
 Through citizen engagement, we discover the key issue and develop solutions. The success of Community Foundation initiatives depends upon a high-level of participation and engagement with residents and leaders in the region. Together we can increase the quality of life for this and future generations of Nevadans.

What’s Your Big Idea?
Where do you think we should turn our focus for the next initiative?

More after-school activities? Better transportation alternatives?
More available workforce housing?
Tell us here by April 30. 

The Caregiver Support Initiative is looking at the issues surrounding family caregivers for senior citizens, learn more.

Please visit our You’N-I Page and our Family Caregiver Network (coming soon) pages to see ongoing projects and results.

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Nick Tscheekar, Director of Community Leadership Sarah Jahr, Initiatives Associate