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Todd Sherman, caregiver and volunteer on Caregiver Support Initiative Steering Committee

“There was nothing out there that tells us what’s available or where to go. I felt that I was blazing my own trail through every challenge.”

Tod Sherman is a full-time caregiver for his wife, a veteran who is living with PTSD and physical illness. She needs 24/7 care to survive.  The stress Tod felt while caring for his wife brought on serious health problems including a heart attack.

Tod attended the Community Foundation Caregiver Convening and began serving on the Caregiver Support Initiative Steering Committee. Sitting next to other caregivers and professionals in the field, Tod learned that he wasn’t alone. He talked about his frustrations and confusion in finding his way while taking good care of his wife. We listened. Inspired by his situation and that of other caregivers, we created washoecaregivers.org to help Tod and the many, many people in his position.

Washoecaregivers.org  is a website that will help you find the people, services, and documents you need when you are a caregiver.

Tod frequently says, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Now he knows where to find the help he needed.

Visit  www.washoecaregivers.org for help with your caregiving questions.


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