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Thank you Tracy Turner for your service to the Community Foundation

Please join with me, the staff and Board of the Community Foundation to thank Tracy Turner and wish her well as she departs the Foundation after almost 10 years.  Tracy joined the staff in a half-time position in 2007 as our first ever Program Officer, to help with our grants administration.  Since that time, as the Community Foundation has grown, Tracy’s scope of responsibility, knowledge, and relationships have grown.

Tracy Turner has a special message she would like to share.

I appreciate Chris giving me space in the column to extend my gratitude to our community for making these last 10 years of my life so enjoyable.  During my tenure with the Community Foundation, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with many, many community members who have heard about our work through their friends and professional advisors. Many of those meetings turned into relationships, and we now have the pleasure of administering charitable funds for those individuals.

One of my colleagues at the Community Foundation asked me what the most surprising thing has been about my work these last ten years. It didn’t take long to come up with my answer: I had no idea when I started this work how broad and deep my knowledge of the community would become. Over the years as Program Officer and then as Chief Philanthropy Officer, I’ve had the distinct privilege of getting to know hundreds of nonprofits and their work. Through meetings and site visits, I’ve learned about the unique work of each nonprofit and have gained a deep understanding of how they fit into our community. Because of these visits, I could be a resource to our fund holders and community members by expanding their knowledge of nonprofits and their work.

The work of the Community Foundation is one of a kind, and I’ve had a unique opportunity to breathe rarified air for the last 10 years. I can’t think of another job that would provide the community exposure I’ve had the privilege of experiencing in the various activities I’ve been engaged in. I’ve participated in focus groups, served on panels, presented awards to nonprofit boards, started regional affiliate funds, helped families to create generational philanthropy plans, introduced donors to new nonprofits, laughed and cried with our clients, attended wonderful parties and celebrations, helped select scholarship awardees, … the list goes on.

For sheer variety of experiences, nothing beats this work. And I will miss it. On June 15 I will say goodbye to my Community Foundation colleagues as I transition away from this work. I will remain in Reno and will continue to be engaged in the community, though on a very different level. Thank you to each of you for making the last 10 years a rich and rewarding experience for me. I have learned from you and have been enriched by you.

Tracy Turner is truly irreplaceable and we will miss her. I am gratified that she will continue to be involved with the Community Foundation as a fund holder, Legacy Society member, and source of information and help.  I am grateful that her knowledge and expertise will continue to be available to our staff.  Lauren Renda who is now in her second year with the Community Foundation as Program Officer and Ginny Harding-Davis, our Chief Advancement Officer will ensure that your needs are met.  Since inception, the Community Foundation has continued to grow in our capabilities.  We developed comprehensive plans and procedures for all our processes including the inevitable succession planning.  I invite you to contact me directly should you have any questions or needs.
Chris Askin, President, and CEO


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