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Eugene and Nadine were both born in 1917. They met when they were 2 years old and were childhood playmates until age 7.


During her life Nadine enjoyed meeting her scholarship recipients.

Even after Nadine’s family migrated to California in 1927, Nadine and Eugene stayed in touch. In 1932, Gene sent Nadine a 5-year diary after his family home was destroyed by fire. Nadine said she would marry a man who promised her two things: that they would move to California and that she’d never have to pack a suitcase. Gene proposed to Nadine on New Year’s Eve 1942. They got married on May 29, 1943, while Gene was home on furlough from the Army.

Nadine worked as a school librarian at FairfaxHigh School in Los Angeles. Gene was a middle school teacher. They both retired in 1974 at age 57.

Gene and Nadine were serious travelers—they spent months and months traveling in Europe, Alaska, the United States, South America, and New Zealand.

Eugene and Nadine were passionate about education and established this scholarship to ensure students with similar passions would be able to achieve their dreams.