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What’s Your Big Idea?        Big Idea Proposal Form

 In 2012 the Community Foundation had a big idea to add resident engagement as a key area of our work.  Focusing on resident engagement prompted us to start initiatives to address persistent problems in our community. Through our initiative work, we continually discover just how important it is to hear from members of our community.

In 2013, our board members submitted their big ideas for our first initiative. We chose the Youth Network Initiative to address the needs of youth who are homeless, runaways, or aging out of foster care. In 2016 we accepted even more big ideas and from them, selected the Caregiver Support Initiative to identify and develop information, education, and other resources for unpaid family caregivers to seniors.

The idea for the Caregiver Support Initiative was brought to us by Grady Tarbutton, former director of Washoe County Senior Services. Prior to Grady’s proposed idea, the issue of caring for an aging family member was not on the Community Foundation’s radar. However, once we read Grady’s proposal, we realized that senior caregiving was both a crucial issue, and an issue in which the Community Foundation could make a positive impact. Similarly, before the Youth Network Initiative began, youth homelessness was largely unrecognized in our region and among Community Foundation staff.

The focus of these first two initiatives, which have made a real difference in our area, did not come from Community Foundation staff. We are your Community Foundation. We bring people together as neutral convener. What causes matter to you?

Whether you are passionate about the arts, animal welfare, the environment, or any other issue, we want to hear your big idea for the Community Foundation’s third community-wide initiative.

What issue do you think should be the focus of the Community Foundation’s next initiative?

Click here to fill out a simple online idea suggestion form and  Send us your big idea by April 30th.

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  • Jean Myles

    says on:
    March 30, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    I strongly feel that education for children is all important, including taking children out of their usual environment and into the out-of-doors. Opening their eyes to the world around them, developing their peripheral vision, is all important if we are going to help our world survive. The Great Basin Outdoor School does this for underprivileged children on a limited basis. … As a Campfire Leader, and an assistant BSA Leader, I learned that many “privileged” children never have the chance to be in the out-of-doors, never learn about the natural world around us, and never have the chance to sleep out doors or hike in the mountains that we see surrounding us each and every day. One teenager I met recently, did not know that snow in the mountains is all important for the water we drink and bathe in each and every day. … Taking children into the out-of-doors opens their eyes to the world, not just to their IPhones and Computers or the daily city living routines they are used to. A side effect is improved grades, and dedication to education above and beyond high school. The children of today are the future of the world. … I would like to see Community Foundation pick up on the GBOS program to add more schools and more children to the program in Washoe County, and would champion adopting this program. I have sent Founder’s name to Nick Tscheekar and Sarah Jahr, in hopes that this program will be considered as the next “initiative” for Community Foundation, and would be very willing to work on the steering committee.

  • Margaret Stewart

    says on:
    January 8, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    Thank you for your Big Ideas.

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