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Time for a Vibrant New Public Space in Reno?

A community group interested in transforming the downtown Reno Retrac “lids” over the train trench is creating a new vision for downtown Reno through a project that could transform not only the physical space of the concrete expanse, but also the perceptions of the site for both residents and visitors. The group organized to promote awareness of the site as central to the revitalization of downtown, and to raise funding to explore and study the feasibility of designing  and constructing a new plaza or park-like space in downtown Reno that could rekindle civic pride and create a vibrant urban space in downtown Reno.

Donate to the Retrac Lids Plaza fund now and help invigorate downtown Reno.

The Retrac Lids Plaza Project is led by an all-volunteer community group consisting of individuals who share a common interest in improving the public identity of our community and creating a downtown gathering place for residents, students and visitors.