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Give together to support our community

By Tracy Turner, Chief Philanthropy Officer

I think I’m like a lot of people who give to charity. My typical charitable gifts are modest. I know a bunch of small gifts together add up and form the basis of nonprofits’ annual budgets, so I still give because I know my gift helps. But I don’t expect to change the world with my gift. If I could give a larger gift, I think I’d have more street creditability and could ask for more specific work to be done on something I care about. Even though what I give doesn’t make much impact on its own, it makes a BIG difference when it’s added to others’ gifts. That makes me feel like I am making a difference.

The Community Foundation’s Partnership grants are up to $15,000 per organization. That’s a lot more than I could give on my own. Partnership grants are possible because a lot of people give what they can, and their gifts are pooled. The Community Foundation then chooses good organizations to receive the funding. I can trust the Community Foundation to assess each organization’s success with their project and get meaningful reporting that demonstrates how the funding was used.

Community foundations are experts in charitable giving. Their staff knows how to review nonprofits to ensure effective operations. They know how to give grants responsibly and account for those grants to their donors. It’s this expertise that attracts donors to work with community foundations in the first place.

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada is no different. You could say I’m biased because I work here … but I was in the process of becoming a fundholder before I became a staff member.

The theme of this year’s Partnership Grantmaking program is the Power of Partners. On our own, we support the charities we love and care about. Together through the Partnership Grantmaking program, we’re able to support charities with a larger gift that helps that charity make a bigger impact. I like being a partner. Won’t you join me by making a gift to the Partnership Grantmaking program on May 4? It’s May4Giving; your gift pooled with other donors’ gifts will make a powerful impact for charities that undergird our wonderful northern Nevada life!

Call 775-333-5499 or mail your check to the Community Foundation at
50 Washington Street, Suite 300 Reno NV 89503 by May 4.

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