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Bonnie Read

Read, Bonnie

Community Engagement Committee, Caregiver Support Steering Committee

Community Engagement Committee
Caregiver Support Steering Committee

Bonnie Read has been involved with the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada since 2012, and she formally joined the Community Foundation Board in 2016. She is a Trustee, serving on the Community Engagement Committee and the Steering Committee for the Caregivers Support Initiative.

Bonnie, who is the granddaughter of the inventor and manufacturer of the Duraflex springboard, works with Duraflex International as an executive assistant. Duraflex is a corporate philanthropy partner with the Community Foundation. Bonnie brings her experience in nursing and serving as a caregiver to the committee for the Caregivers Support Initiative. She has also developed guidebooks for physicians, physicians’ assistants, and caregivers.

Providing a better quality of life to senior citizens and other individuals who have been impacted by the Caregivers Support Initiative is very rewarding, Bonnie says.

Bonnie has lived in the Reno area since 2012. She has a cat and loves skiing, cycling, hiking, traveling, and enjoying the outdoors, whatever the weather is.