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Cheri Hill

Hill, Cheri

Trustee, Community Engagement Committee

Cheri Hill has been with the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada for the past two years, during which she has served on the Advisory Board and the Community Engagement Committee.

Cheri is not only the president and CEO of Sage International and Sage Adverting and Marketing but also a national speaker, best-selling author, classroom facilitator, and host of her own weekly radio show, the Cheri Hill Radio Show. She has advised and worked with entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, and nonprofit founders for over 26 years with starting and growing their businesses. She is also involved with Nevadaworks and the For Kids Foundation, both of which she chairs.

Many of Cheri’s skills benefit the Community Foundation, including her knowledge of growing and sustaining nonprofits, workforce development, entrepreneurial mindset, and marketing and advertising skills. Additionally, Cheri has been building connections in Northern Nevada for 30 years, making her a master connector within the community.

Beyond just being a bucket for holding people’s money, the Community Foundation leads the way in the community by convening different organizations to see meaningful results, says Cheri. She says it’s important to give back and share her knowledge and expertise that she has gathered over the years.

Cheri has been married since last year and has a daughter. Cheri also has a passion for beekeeping, a hobby she’s maintained for the past five years. She also enjoys traveling, gardening, reading, and being an educator.