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Allison Gorelick

Gorelick, Allison

Development Committee, Community Housing Land Trust Group

Development Committee
Community Housing Land Trust Group member

Allison Gorelick is a fundholder of the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada and has served on the Advisory Board for the past year. She has been on the Development Committee since the summer of 2020. She also serves as an advisory board member to the Community Housing Land Trust Advisory Group.

Allison has 25 years of experience in development and financial leadership, including acquiring, renovating, and managing over 300 units in Reno over the past ten years. Before moving to Reno, she served as a vice president of the SARES•REGIS Group of Northern California and prior to that, as vice president of Business Development with Stonepath Group.

Allison’s experience in real estate makes her equipped to find the needles in the haystack—properties that will stay deed-restricted and affordable for years to come. Allison’s work at the Community Foundation helped open the Village on Sage Street, a housing development for low-income residents that has housed over 250 people.

Before coming to Nevada, Allison’s parents were involved in a community foundation in Marin County, CA while she grew up. Allison is making the community better through donations of real estate and creating more affordable housing in the community with her work through the Foundation.

Allison has lived in Reno for the past 11 years. She has been married for 16 years and has two sons. They have a black lab named Lucy. When she’s not working, Allison enjoys everything outdoors, including skiing, snowboarding, trail running, mountain biking, and wakeboarding.