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“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”   –  Oprah Winfrey

Luiza Benisano
Community Engagement Associate

If you are lucky in life, you get a wonderful set of parents and get raised in a positive environment where you are taught and reared to become a contributing person to society. This is ideal, but not a reality nowadays. Plenty of individuals find themselves lost and out of touch for a number of reasons. A parent abandoned them, nobody was around during their formative years, the list goes on. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get positive role models growing up, but everyone deserves a chance. Fortunately, there are individuals out there who care, who want to share their story to make a difference in a young person’s life – so they can help them become who they were always meant to be.

Nevada Mentors was created by the Community Foundation as part of the Youth Network Initiative, to serve that purpose, to connect caring individuals to young people they can help grow to become the brightest and best version of themselves by example. All it takes is one person who cares.

Stephanie Sherman says her organization, Awaken, collaborates with Nevada Mentors in order to support and learn from other non profits who offer mentoring, and to further the message that serving as a mentor is a valuable way to grow a healthy community.

Awaken is one of the seven mentoring agencies who collaborate with Nevada Mentors. Awaken is a local faith-based non-profit whose mission is to increase awareness and education surrounding the issue of commercial sexual exploitation and to provide housing and restoration for its victims.

“Once educated on the topic of human trafficking, my heart broke for every victim. The only way to piece my heart back together is through the mentoring program that I am blessed enough to volunteer through,” says Abby, an Awaken Youth Mentor.

Nevada Mentors lists a number of unique programs with different causes that are suitable to potential mentors based on their interests and schedule.

“One thing that my mentees have taught me is that you are never too old to learn or to be open to new ideas. Every day I’m learning something new from such an amazing set of individuals who remind me that even though I am an adult, I still have a lot to learn. Jackie teaches me the value of patience and perseverance; to have the patience to listen to my mentees and give advice when needed and to have the perseverance to continue advising and working with young individuals.” – Mentor Samuel

To learn more on how you can be involved with Nevada Mentors,  and please visit https://nevadamentors.org/. 

Luiza Benisano, Community Engagement Associate

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