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Tyson Cross is Chair of the Community Foundation Investment Committee.

Tyson Cross, Investment Committee Chair –

The Investment Committee oversees the Community Foundations investable assets, making sure that we follow the Investment Policy guidelines.   Members are experienced in; finance, portfolio management, wealth management, financial consulting and accounting.   Our committee goal is to have members who understand how the complex world of portfolios should be managed for our donors. No committee member is directly involved as the Advisor or the Manager of those monies.  We make no exception. Decisions are made with a nonbiased approach that enhances portfolio returns and mitigates potential risks.

Our due diligence is extensive and meticulous.  We interview the managers twice a year looking at intricate features of their investment portfolio such as fees, risk, potential returns, historical returns, asset allocation, economic and financial trends, investment liquidity, and the stability of the managers and firms holding our investments.  The Investment committee as an advisory committee to the Community Foundation Board of Trustees provides a peace of mind that all monies are handled appropriately so that donors can fulfill their charitable desires.


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