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What would you do with $10,000?

 The members of the High School Giving Circle gave it all away!

What is important to you? Homelessness? Bike paths on urban streets? More things for young people to do on the weekends?  You can do something about it.

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada High School Giving Circle decides the best use for $10,000 in grants to local nonprofit agencies.

High School Giving Circle 2019 Impact Report

Space is limited to the size of our conference room (about 20 students).

“I learned about the impact my decisions have upon people. I never realized I could make a difference, but I feel I have.”

Coming together once a week after school at the Community Foundation office for nine weeks, the members meet to talk about what is important to them and how they want to help folks in our community.

The Circle meets with non-profit leaders, solicits grant proposals, and asks hard questions. Then they decide ( here is the tricky part ) where to send the money.  The Circle tells our Board of Trustees their grant decisions and the Board approves the grants on behalf of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada.

Are you interested in joining? We are looking for high school students from all schools and all grade levels.  Academic GPA is not a consideration for membership. It costs you nothing to join.

“It makes me a bit more optimistic. I admire the donor for the program given to us. I enjoyed thinking and talking about my views and opinions.”

Want to learn more? Call the Community Foundation at 775-333-5499.

“I want to volunteer for the groups we supported because I want to help their causes ( Great Basin Outdoor School, VSA Nevada, Solace Tree.) Their purpose is amazing and their work is worth it (i.e. giving people a home and a job and a life.) Eventually I can become a board member for an organization and continue the decision making process.”

 Here is your chance to do something real.
Do something important.

Speak up – we are listening.