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The Foundation is powered by collaboration.

The Community Foundation is known for its work as a connector between donors and nonprofit agencies and scholarship recipients, but our work extends far beyond our office walls. We build a stronger community by encouraging philanthropy, by bringing together people to work on a community issue and by educating donors, nonprofits and the public about ways they can contribute to the common good.

The Community Foundation as a Convener.

The Community Foundation is proud to serve as a “neutral convener” in the community — bringing together diverse individuals to explore, discuss and identify vexing needs. You can find more on our work as a convener on our Initiatives page.  Because we have no special interest other than the benefit of the community, people representing contrasting views and different perspectives about issues and problems know they will be heard and respected in our public meetings.

The Community Foundation as an Educator.

Local professional advisors rely on information they have learned from staff members at the Community Foundation. We are committed to providing support to the professional advisors in the community through annual seminars, a weekly e-newsletter, online gift planning and tax calculating tools and references, and one-to-one meetings.

Nonprofits look to the Community Foundation for advice in building their endowments and encouraging support from their Board members.

The Community Foundation is an underwriter of the Family Estate Planning Series, offered twice a year to the public.


The Community Foundation serves as a philanthropic leader on the projects listed below. Take a look at the project links and get involved!