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“It was super fun, I got to learn more about foundations and a lot of problems with the community. The High School Giving Circle has helped shed light on the problems that we have in the community. There are a lot of issues we need to be aware of and that there’s a lot of people in need.  After participating in the High School Giving Circle, I would also like to be more involved in doing philanthropy work in the future. I had so much fun making a lot of new friends, too! I would definitely participate in the High School Giving Circle again.”

David Penrose, Student Member of the High School Giving Circle

The High School Giving Circle program helps develop the next generation of philanthropists.

High School Giving Circle members with grantees.

Executives from the nonprofit grantees and the Circle got together to discuss the outcomes of their grants.

The students researched local nonprofits and interviewed nonprofit staff. From there, the students deliberate and select which organizations will receive $10,000 in grants. In 2019, 15 students participated.

2019 Grants

  • Eddy House, $3,500 to purchase beds for Program Expansion Project
  • Quest Counseling, $2,440 for behavioral health services
  • Trauma Intervention Program of Northern Nevada, $2,000 for Volunteer Recruitment, Training & Retention Project
  • Washoe CASA Foundation, $500 for James’ Special Day
  • Northern Nevada RAVE Family Foundation, $500 for respite programs
  • Family Counseling Service, $3,060 for Summer Healing Camp

Additionally, the students were able to give out an extra $2,000 thanks to the Moonridge Foundation.


  • 80% will list their participation in college applications
  • 80% will list their participation in their job applications
  • 73% said they now talk more with their family about philanthropy as a result of their participation
  • 80% are more likely to donate money or make an in-kind contribution
  • The average knowledge gained after participation from the High School Giving Circle was 12%.

portrait of Erica MendozaErika Mendoza, Washoe CASA volunteer, presented her grant request in a 10minute presentation to the High School Giving Circle during “Nonprofit Pitch Day.”

I was so impressed with how engaged the students were. Students asked insightful questions to understand our organization and the impact the grant would have on the children we serve.   The application of the skills they’ve learned throughout the year with the community foundation was outstanding.  I walked out amazed that they were high school students! Thank you, High School Giving Circle for this wonderful gift!!!”