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I love animated movies, and yes, I’m a fan of the “Frozen” movies. If you’ve seen the Disney movie, “Frozen”, you’ll recall when Olaf, the adorable and somewhat ditzy snowman, starts to melt, Elsa uses her magical powers to create a snow shower above Olaf’s head—his own personal flurry. Regardless of the weather the Community Foundation also has its own personal flurry—a flurry of donation activity that occurs at the end of the calendar year. Last month was no exception.

In December, the Community Foundation worked with several donors on a variety of gifts—a flurry of charitable opportunities, each one different, just like each snowflake is unique. Providing donors with customized services and solutions to meet their individual needs and situations is the hallmark of the Community Foundation.

There was a rush of unexpected real property gifts. Properties were sold and the proceeds were used to create Charitable Remainder Unitrusts (CRUT). Using highly appreciated property is a great way to set up a CRUT that allows the donor to avoid capital gains taxes on the sold asset, reduces income taxes now, provides income for the life of the named annuitant, and after the annuitant passes away, the remainder of the CRUT is donated to one or more designated charities.

We worked with a few donors on year-end gifts of appreciated securities, a smart way to be both philanthropic and avoid capital gains taxes.

We also helped one donor with a gift of cryptocurrency. We’re seeing a growing interest in this type of donation as more people get involved with digital assets.

I share these activities to pull back the curtain on some of the ways in which the Community Foundation helps donors with their estate planning and philanthropic goals, and not just in December but all year. Just like Elsa in “Frozen”, the Community Foundation has its own special powers—our expertise and experience with charitable and estate planning strategies, our partnerships with effective nonprofit organizations and our 20,000-foot-view of the issues and needs in our community.

We use our magic for good, connecting people who care with causes that matter.

Karen Senger
Chief Philanthropy Officer


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