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The Community Foundation creates charitable giving solutions.

Together we can infuse a circle of change within our community.

Imagine the good we can foster and difference we can make with your charitable fund. We connect you with the right causes and serve as your expert resource on charitable giving.

Call us at 775-333-5499 to discuss your charitable giving goals, and how you can accomplish them as part of the Community Foundation.

Watch this short animated video “What is a Community Foundation” explained through a donor’s perspective.

Donor Advised Funds: A Simple, Highly Personal Approach to Charitable Giving.

Opening a Donor Advised Fund allows you to make a gift to your Community Foundation, and then remain actively involved in recommending grants. They are less expensive than a Private Foundation, with benefits that last for generations.

Here’s how a donor advised fund works:

  • You make a charitable gift to your Community Foundation — you can give cash, appreciated stocks, real estate, or other assets.
  • We set up a special fund in your name, in the name of your family or business, or in honor of any person or organization you choose.
  • You receive tax benefits the year your gift is made.
  • You recommend uses for your fund — working with our professional grantmaking staff to support the agencies and programs you care about most. You will have 24/7 access to your fund information, and grant-making ability, through your online link to Donor Central.
  • We handle all the administrative details and issue grant awards to charities in the name of your fund (if you prefer, your grants can be made anonymously).

Download a sample Donor Advised fund agreement form.

Donor advised funds can be granted at any time and need not be endowed. You will choose an investment pool for your fund (long term, short term or cash) that fits your granting needs.You can create a donor advised fund with a $25,000 minimum gift.

Legacy Fund: Your Chance to Leave a Lasting Mark on the Place You Love.

Your family and your community depend on you. You can make your mark, leave a legacy of caring for your family and community, and take care of your heirs through a charitable estate gift plan.

Write down what you dream of doing. Whatever your passion, you can make our community better through a bequest in your will or trust. Download the sample bequest language to take to your attorney and a Wills Guide for your use before your attorney appointment. It will help you be organized and save you valuable time.

When you decide upon a bequest, don’t keep it a secret. Give us a chance to say thanks.We will keep your plans confidential if you request, but you will be offered the chance to join the Legacy Society, so your commitment can inspire others to make their own.

Legacy Gifts may be carefully planned to save your heirs estate taxes, and in some cases to generate income for heirs. We encourage you to talk with your advisor and Chris Askin, CSPG, CFRE, President and CEO of the Foundation, at 775-333-5499 to discuss ways that a Legacy gift will work for you and your loved ones.

Scholarships: a direct and personal way to change lives and touch the future of Nevada.

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada is expert at meeting the regulations and administering scholarships so you can have confidence and pleasure in giving. Create an endowed scholarship fund at the Community Foundation with a minimum gift of $50,000. Learn more by reading the Create a Scholarship Page, the Grants to Individuals Policy and the Sample Scholarship Fund Agreement.

Community Endowment. For Good. Forever.

Together your gift, when combined over time with your neighbor’s and friends’ gifts, will grow to a never-ending resource to meet pressing community needs.  Your gift makes it possible to help in times of crisis and will address the vexing problems that take time and money to change. We cannot know what challenges our grandchildren will face. We do know that a gift to the Community Fund will always be relevant, important to our region, and most of all, available when needed. 

Field of Interest Funds: Your Passions meet Our Expertise

We can help you make a difference where it matters most to you. You can contribute now to any one of our established Field of Interest Funds, or you can talk to us about establishing a new fund to make charitable grants to an area of charitable interest. Download a Sample Field of Interest fund agreement. Write a bequest to create your fund and to keep it working for generations… doing just what you want it to do, forever.

Nonprofit Organization Endowments:
An Unending Income Stream for Good.

Your organization can plant an endowment at the Community Foundation with a gift of $10,000. Feel confident that we will do our best to help you grow your fund to create a stream of income you can put in your budget. Download a sample organizational endowment fund agreement

 Workplace Giving

Young-asian-woman-web Everybody can be a philanthropist. Give a small amount each paycheck directly to an endowment fund at the Community   Foundation. You choose your favorite organization or mission or divide your on-going gifts among several nonprofit organization’s endowments if you prefer. Call Ginny Harding-Davis, CAO to learn more.