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In the “old days”, the Community Foundation used to have busy times and slack times.  Now, every day is busy and I mean BUSY!  Philanthropy, initiatives, board engagement, community awareness, growing volume of gifts, grants, scholarships, and legacy gift plans, and much more.  In addition to an inspiring board, we have a dedicated and hard-working staff.  As each person in our office is trying to fit in time this summer for family and needed time off to relax and recharge, I’d like to take a moment and thank them for their great work.

Margaret Stewart, our Communications Director, has been with me at the Foundation since 2000.  She developed our first marketing materials and was essential in launching the Foundation.  She started off working half-time then went three-quarter time and just this year has gone full-time.  She and I handled everything for years, but over time she has done more and more in the area of communications and marketing and is also our expert on all things digital. We are in very good hands… she knows so much.

Tracy Turner, Chief Philanthropy Officer, also started off half-time in 2007 but that was very short lived as shortly after she joined the Foundation staff we experienced rapid growth.  I’d be lost without Tracy, and she has done a superb job of representing the Foundation in the community and building relationships with our most valued constituencies including professional advisors, donors, and community organizations.  Tracy has amazing abilities to handle a variety of assignments quickly and accurately and took our grant and scholarship programs to being more systems-oriented.

Dani Lutzow, Program Officer, joined the staff in 2012 bringing her cheery disposition and dedication to help with our expanding grant and scholarship programs.  Dani has a wonderful relationship with our scholarship fund advisors and students, and works closely with fundholders and charities.  As with many of our new staff, Dani represents the future of the Foundation and I am thrilled she is part of the team.

Maureen Mensing, Accounting Associate, also started in 2012 and has been a critical part of our ability to continue each year with accurate and timely accounting reports, fund statements, prompt payment of grants, and outstanding audit results.  Maureen has worked hard, often behind the scenes, to ensure that we deliver on our promises.  Through a transition in our controller position last year, it was Maureen who kept all of our financial processes in order.

Melissa Tschanz, Controller, joined us last year and has taken our financial systems and internal processes to a new level of excellence.  It is interesting to me that as the Foundation grows, our newest staff have the opportunity to take us to the next level and Melissa did that in spades.  Her expertise as a CPA and her hard work ethic have set up the Foundation for our future opportunities and challenges.

Lyndsey Crossley, Executive Assistant, just joined the staff this year, and truly her work has changed my life.  Lyndsey’s support in everything from organizing my schedule to organizing and handling board responsibilities and project coordination greatly expanded my time to work on Foundation initiatives and Fund Development. To many in the community, Lyndsey is known as the foremost expert on our You’N-I initiative.  Lyndsey is the perfect person for this position and an important asset to the Foundation moving forward.

Best wishes to everyone. Take time for a bit of personal fun and relaxation this summer.  Our wonderful staff team has made this possible for each of us to enjoy the summer as we support each other, in spite of the workload we have and enjoy. When you call, and I hope you do, we will be ready to help you and/or your clients promptly and professionally.

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Chris Askin, President & CEO,

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