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A Fund For Good. Forever.

Fund Advisory Committee

The Community Fund grants are chosen by a committee of Community Foundation board members, staff, and community volunteers.

2021 Community Fund Grants will Focus on Mental Health and Domestic Violence

How much does the Community Fund Grant?

2020 Grants focus on meeting emergency needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Available grant funds were channeled to the COVID-19 Relief Fund and are granted out by the COVID-19 Relief Fund grant committee.

COVID-19 Relief Fund Grants

2019 Grants

Six organizations were chosen to receive grants from the Community Fund in 2019. These programs were rewarded because they touch the most vulnerable in our community in
vital (perhaps life-saving) and lasting ways.
Catholic Charities
Child Assault Prevention
Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence
Northern Nevada Literacy Council
Sierra Nevada Journeys
Ridge House

2018 Grants

Congratulations to the six nonprofits in Reno who were chosen to receive grants from the 2nd annual Community Endowment grant cycle. Two of the organizations are new and this may be your first introduction to their programs. The organizations were chosen because they work with distinct values of community strengthening, inclusiveness, and volunteerism. The grantees are listed below in alphabetical order and linked to a description of the funded program.
CARE Chest
Seniors in Service
Renown Health Foundation
Urban Lotus Project
Veterans Guest House

2017 Grants

The Community Foundation Board and Staff recommended that the 1st annual grants generated by the Community Endowment go to the Eddy House and Sierra Association of Foster Families to support the ongoing Youth Network Initiative.
The Eddy House 
Sierra Association of Foster Families