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The Community Foundation creates charitable giving solutions.

What matters to you most? We can help you achieve it.

Every day, we work closely with individuals and families just like you, as well as with your trusted financial advisors. We work together to create a charitable giving fund that gives you the control, the flexibility and the impact you’re looking for so you can focus on the joy and excitement of making a difference.

If you take your giving personally; you should get to know us. We will work hard to accomplish your goals. Your charitable passions are the driving force behind the Community Foundation.

The Community Foundation Development Team will help you move your vision into powerful, meaningful, philanthropy.
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The Community Foundation can help you create a lasting impact with cash, bequests or appreciated assets. You have a variety of options, and we will work with you to create a charitable giving plan that works for you.

Types of Funds
Planning an Estate Gift
Corporate Philanthropy

Are you considering establishing a private foundation?

Consider a donor advised fund instead. Advantages include lower cost, less paperwork, philanthropic advising staff to help with grantee reporting and scholarship IRS requirements,  no mandated minimum annual grant requirement, and the ability to remain anonymous and give anonymous grants when desired.

Amplify the impact of your contributions through a multi-year giving plan.