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Nevada Commission for Women Fund

The Purpose of the Nevada Commission for Women Fund is to provide support for the advancement of women for full equality in all areas.

After nearly two decades of inactivity, on October 27, 2014 the Sunset Subcommittee of the Interim Legislative Commission recommended to Governor Brian Sandoval that he reactivate the Commission For Women, appoint new members and charge them with a mission relevant to today’s society and economy. The Governor supported the recommendation and the Legislature approved the reactivation of the Commission For Women by passing NRS 233I.

The Commission For Women is comprised of 10 members with equal representation from the north and south as well as balanced political party representation. The Commission is charged with the duty to study the changing and developing roles of women in society, including the recognition of socioeconomic factors that influence the status of women, and recommend proposed legislation. Staff support is provided to the Commission by the Department of Administration.

More information is on the Nevada Commission for Women Facebook Page