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By matching the Partnership Grant of $14,000, Nevada HOPES is turning three motel rooms into short term housing (up to 30 days) for medically frail homeless people.

The combined $28,000 grant will fund a new program to help HOPES’s homeless clients recover from an illness or injury by providing a place to recover after they are discharged from the hospital. Often times, transient persons will become well enough to be discharged from the hospital but are still too sick to fully recover without shelter.


HOPES will conduct daily “welfare checks” on all residents and will provide intensive case management geared towards helping them find affordable housing and resources such as food stamps and insurance. Additionally HOPES will provide transportation so clients can make needed follow-up medical appointments, go grocery shopping or to a food bank. Participation in the program is voluntary, and clients will remain in the program and continue to receive intensive help and transportation services until they are healthy and have housing.

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