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This is your chance to leave a lasting mark on the place you love.
What kind of community do you want for your grandchildren?

The Community Endowment Fund – A Good Option for Your Bequest

Together you and your neighbors, and perhaps your family before you, have built this community. Now we can all do something profound to sustain it and help the people who will live here after us. You can help create a place where your grandchildren will want to live. Think of your community as one of your heirs. Leave five percent of your estate to the Community Endowment Fund.

What is the Community Endowment?

Together your gift, when combined over time with your neighbors’ and friends’ gifts, will grow to a deep and unending resource to meet pressing community needs. Your gift will make it possible to really help in times of crisis. Your gift will address the deep problems that take time and money to change. We cannot know what challenges our grandchildren will face. We do know that a gift to the Community Endowment will always be relevant, important to our region, and most of all, available when needed. To learn more about leaving a bequest in your will or trust call Chris Askin, CEO 775-333-5499.