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Causes that Matter.

Not all needs are equal. The Community Foundation can help you learn how to make the greatest impact on the needs important to you. Be proactive, not reactive, for giving that makes a difference. 

The Community Foundation offers “Nonprofit Connections” so you can find a local charity working in your interest are. You can be sure your charitable dollar will make a difference when you contribute locally to one of these fine organizations. Put your generosity to work as you explore the “Nonprofit Connections” links.

Connect with local nonprofits working in the area you are passionate about.

Explore the 14 categories in Nonprofit Connections. You will find links directly to the websites of local nonprofits.
The linking pages explain the nonprofit’s three biggest priorities and funding challenges.
From Arts to Children to Environment, Poverty, Seniors and Women. You will find nonprofits working hard to make our community better and a better life for those who live in it. 14 categories are listed alphabetically over two pages.

Here is where your gift will do the most good.

We encourage you to call the director of the nonprofit you are interested in and discuss your potential gift, their funding needs and your charitable interests.

Get involve and take your philanthropy personally.  Call us if we can help 775-333-5499. It is what we do best!