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We had a very informative meeting this morning with Dr. Bob Quilitch who provided an introduction on evidence-based practices (EBP). Attached is the PowerPoint we viewed along with Dr. Bob’s resume so you know a bit about him.

Dr. Bob referenced several books: Goal Analysis by Robert F. Mager, Leap of Reason by Mario Morino, Give Smart by Tierney & Fleishman, and With Charity for All by Ken Stern. The key point made this morning is: EBP gathers data to improve product and performance. Without evaluating and measuring, it’s difficult to know what’s being achieved or changed.

The group this morning agreed that understanding and moving toward EBP will strengthen all of our organizations’ applications should we choose in the future to apply for SIF funding. But the ultimate goal is to better position ourselves and our community to apply for any funding.

Next Friday morning, Jennifer McClendon of UNR will bring us her perspective and knowledge on EBP. If you don’t yet know Jennifer, here’s a bit of her background:

Jennifer McClendon’s first job out of graduate school was providing family and caregiver support for families coping with chronic and severe mental illness.  She co-facilitated psychoeducation groups for these families as part of a federally-funded research project, and her duties also included recruiting and interviewing subjects, and collecting and analyzing data. For seven years, she worked as a crisis intervention counselor in St. Louis, Missouri, providing phone support and working as a member of the mobile outreach team. Jennifer also has professional experience with fundraising, grant writing, organizational development, program evaluation, and program development.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5yReM2ZEfMCaGNzWUNhMzAtM0JJVjF1aVdOaEVlOUxuYjVn/edit?usp=sharing – Evidence Based Practice(s)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5yReM2ZEfMCTkJsT1k0dEl0V0NWS0gtb3k5YmtGSmJYSFA0/edit?usp=sharing – Quilitch Resume

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