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Nickel by nickel Reno Rebuild fund is growing to make special loans to local small Downtown businesses.

nickelsmallEvery time you enjoy a drink or meal at Legends Grill, Sports & Spirits, the Sierra Tap House, Ole Bridge Pub and the Brewer’s Cabinet, a nickel per item sold goes into the Reno Rebuild Fund at the Community Foundation.

Once a year the fundholders, Michael Connolly, Chris Kahl and Zachary Cage, owners of the establishments listed above, will help select one idea from a Reno based individual to receive a small business loan to make his or her dream a realty.

What we are looking for is a great idea that will bring something new
to our city and improve our lives.”

The Rebuild Project’s first loan was awarded Summer 2013 to the Cafe Deluxe.

These loans will be low-interest with all principal and interest returning to the fund to help it grow, so more ideas can be funded each year. All money will stay in our community, supporting the local economy and helping to rebuild our community – one small business at a time!

 You can make this happen in a big way. Buy a beer or a meal from the restaurants listed above your nickles will add up. To be a bigger part of the bright Reno Rebuild Project donate directly ( and more than a nickel!) to the fund.

 Donate to the Reno Rebuild Project fund and you will help it grow so larger loans may be given. You can help lift our community and make a dream come true.