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We like them and you will too!

These organizations were chosen from an amazingly dense stack of applications sent in from large and small nonprofits across northern Nevada. Each of these organizations were challenged to raise a match for their Partnership Grant. We think each of these agencies is doing stellar work and is intregal to the communities they serve.

Proudly: Here are the 2014 Partnership Grant Winners.

14 Organizations were granted a total of $139,000 in matching grants.

Austin’s House granted $14,000   

Austin’s House provides emergency shelter and compassionate care for up to 10 children between the ages of birth to 18 in the Carson Valley. The children who are placed at Austin’s House have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect.The $14,000 matching grant supported the cost of providing shelter, food, clothing, transportation, educational support and facilitation of medical and dental care to children placed with us.

Carson Valley Arts Council granted $5,000

A recent study by local government (Douglas County Valley Vision)identifies the potential for an arts presence in our downtown district that will serve local residents and establish the area as a visitor destination.

Funding supportedPhase Two of CVAC’s Feasibility Study. With assistance from AMS Planning & Research, we will generate a report that will outline the best use and size for our proposed visual and performing arts center. The study will assess an Activity Profile of potential events and programs; review the physical design for the building; and prepare a management schedule and operational

CitiCare granted $10,000

Funding supported people with disabilities who travel to/from the outlying areas of Reno/Sparks. While transportation is a challenge for most people with disabilities, it is significantly more difficult for people traveling to/from the outlying areas, since the RTC no longer funds non-ADA service area rides. This is especially problematical for people who need to travel on a regular basis for medical services located outside of the ADA service area, which includes at least one dialysis facility. Other trips are for employment and social services.

CitiCare purchases paratransit rides from the RTC which creates increased transportation availability without costly capital expenditures or administrative costs. Best of all, there is no duplication of services or “reinventing the wheel” and the process is seamless for the riders. Rides are $22, reasonable for door-to-door paratransit service to the outlying areas. Without these rides, there is no transportation to/from the outlying area.

Discovery Museum granted $14,000

Funding will support The Discovery’s third and final phase of development of Inside Out: An Anatomy Experience as we cultivate new donors in our medical/health community in Northern Nevada. Inside Out is a new 2,500-square-foot gallery that will contain 27 hands-on and digital interactives.

Family Resource Centers of Northeastern Nevada granted $5,000

Funding will support the need for educational support groups, classes and presentations.  Among the suggested topics were life skills for teens, goal setting, developing healthy relationships, basic nutrition, healthy meal planning/preparation, family support groups,and truancy prevention.

Great Basin Institute granted $14,000

Funding will support environmental field study programs for Title I schools in Washoe County. A Challenge grant of $15,000 would provide 1,000 Title 1 school children with a pre-trip classroom experience with Naturalist Educators, a day-long field trip in the forest at the Galena Creek Recreation Area, and post-trip materials.The environmental programs provided by the Great Basin Institute over the past five years are based on Next Generation Science Standards,and have received recognition and in kind support from Washoe County and the USDA Forest Service, and educational awards from the federal Corporation for National and Community Service.

The Galena Creek Recreation Area, with its creeks, pond, forest trails and wildlife, is the perfect setting to provide the hands-on experience that kindles the wonder and respect for nature and scientific inquiry so necessary for our students.

Nevada Health Centers granted $14,000 

Funding supported part of the travel and operating costs of the NVHC Ronald McDonald Care Mobile.  The Care Mobile provides dental services and oral health education to underserved, uninsured and geographically isolated children throughout the rural communities of Northeastern Nevada.

The CareMobile is based at our hub in Elko, Nevada but travels to places such as Spring Creek, Ely, Winnemucca, Carlin, Battle Mountain, Lovelock,Wells and Wendover. The provision of preventive oral health services is the focus of the Care Mobile, however,restorative services are provided based on patients’ needs.

Nevada Rock Art Foundation granted $7,000

Funding supported the volunteer-driven documentation and assessment of the Crow’s Nest Petroglyph site, one of the largest rock art sites within the High Basins Area of Critical of Environmental Concern (ACEC). The Crow’s Nest site contains 200-300 petroglyph panels,and is located just to the northeast of the Sparks Golden Eagle Regional Park. The site’s proximity to Sparks’ ever-expanding population puts it, as well as the ~200 other petroglyph sites within the ACEC, at significant risk of vandalism, theft, and destruction. Recording the site will document its characteristics for posterity, and provide local community members with the uncommon opportunity to work on a professional archaeological project, to gain knowledge, and to ideally become stewards of Nevada’s rock art heritage.

Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation granted $10,000

Funds requested supported the Family Assistance Fund by providing substantial relief to local families as they navigate the child cancer journey whether their child is in active treatment or follow-up care for cancer. Funds help young patients and their families with items such as medical expenses, household living expenses,mortgage payments, rent, food, utilities, travel expenses related to treatment and additional expenses the family needs assistance with while caring for their sick child.

Northern Nevada HOPES granted $14,000

Funding supported the creation of the HOPES Housing Our Homeless program. The purpose of the Housing our Homeless program is to provide short-term housing, up to 30 days, for medically frail homeless individuals. To facilitate the development of the program HOPES will lease three rooms at a motel within one block of HOPES for one year. HOPES will conduct daily“welfare checks” on all clients participating in the program, and will provide intensive case management geared towards locating and accessing affordable housing, and other tangible community resources such as insurance and food stamps.

Safe Haven Rescue Zoo granted $3,850

Funding supported the purchase of furnishings for our recently-completed educational pavilion.The needed items include 20 folding tables, 160 folding chairs, and a storage shed for the furniture

Sierra Nevada Journeys granted $10,000

Funding supported our Outdoor Overnight Learning (OOL) program for undeserved youth.The OOL program is a 2-4 night capstone to a student’s elementary science career, and provides an opportunity for these students to engage in multi-day outdoor science learning with their peers. The Community Foundation of Western Nevada will provide 165 nights of OOL programming for low-income students in northern Nevada, and this number will double to 330 nights with the inclusion of matching funds.

Veterans Guest House granted $8,000

Funding supported the operation of the house.Any funds raised through this match will be used to scholarship guests who are not able to make a donation. Those are funds that we have to raise in other ways in order to meet our operational budget.

Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra granted $10,000

Funding supported the Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra’s (WACCS) program helping women living in poverty establish better lives for themselves and their children. WACCS provides a variety of services to this end including English as Second Language classes; high school equivalency preparation; computer skills training;Gateway to Success job readiness and career development, Getting Ahead anti-poverty work, a diaper bank, monthly legal clinic, and information and resource provision. All services are free and open to women living at 185% of poverty or less.

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