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 A Seal of Approval for Board Participation

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Throughout its history, consumers have interpreted the Good Housekeeping Seal to be a “stamp of approval” or an indication of a “good product.” It gives you confidence when purchasing that vacuum or slicer/dicer.  Prospective Donors to local charitable organizations feel confident that the organization’s board members understand their fundraising responsibilities to the mission and staff.  Charities winning the 100% Giving Board Award have had personal monetary contributions by every trustee on their Board.

First presented in 2008 (when just 13 charities received the award), the number of organizations qualifying for this award has dramatically increased since we started it!

This year 93 organizations qualified, and the cumulative Board giving totaled $2, 549,808 to support their organizations’ operating expenses.

Charities with 100% board giving will be recognized in print, online, with a certificate, and at the 2016 Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Cornerstone Luncheon, held on November 18, 2016.

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