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Family Estate Planning Series is a public service from the Community Foundation and KNPB

More than 1,300 of your neighbors in the Truckee Meadows likely have well-organized estate plans. They participated in the Free 7-Week Family Estate Planning Series offered by the Community Foundation in Partnership with KNPB and a dozen local charities. Offered for almost ten years now, the series receives rave reviews.

The series of workshops is offered twice every Wednesday starting on March 29 and runs for seven weeks through May 10. The morning class from 10:30am-Noon is repeated from 1-2:30 pm so that you can attend either class. We know how much you value your privacy, so no presenters or charities will receive any of your contact information.

The class is taught by area experts who meet the fiduciary standard for always putting your interests first. Classes cover the estate planning, wills, probate and trusts, responsibilities of fiduciaries, executors and successor trustees, gift, estate, and transfer taxes, powers of attorney, health care directives, Medicaid and more.

We are grateful to our volunteer instructors, including attorneys Joe Gorman, Linda Bowman, Jason Morris, Ryan Earl, and John Smith, and Mark Dreschler, Trust Officer. The series is facilitated by Kurt Mische, CEO of KNPB, which makes it fun and lively. All participants receive detailed information throughout the class including a binder and personal planning guides to keep it all organized.

We have found that professionals and people who have comprehensive plans, often attend because they find great value in the classes. Let’s face it; we typically don’t take 10 hours to learn about these matters. Regulations and circumstances do change, so there is much more to learn about, and the result is better planning for us, our families, and our legacy beneficiaries.

To register, please call the Community Foundation office at 775-333-5499. We are very pleased to provide this resource to the people in our community and hope you take advantage. Consider forwarding this note to friends or family you think could, or should, do more with their planning. Most people, unfortunately, don’t have a current plan.

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