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Create Your Own Fund

You can use your money for good as intelligently and creatively as you earned it.

It is simple to create your unique fund with the Community Foundation of Western Nevada

What do you want to accomplish? We will connect you with the causes that matter most to you.
Contact Ginny Harding-Davis, Chief Advancement Officer at 775-333-54999 to discuss powerful ways you can give.

Click on the links below to see our fund agreements.

Sample Endowment Agreement Form. For an enduring charitable endowment with regular annual grant disbursements to predetermined charitable interest areas or nonprofit organizations.

Sample Donor Advised Agreement Form. For a flexible charitable fund for people who have a variety of charitable interests. You may want to be highly involved with your giving and may want to include your next generation of family members as advisors.

If you take your giving personally; you should get to know us. We will work hard to make sure your goals and concerns are addressed and communicated through these funds. Your charitable interests and passions are the driving force behind the Community Foundation.

A multi-year giving plan can amplify the benefit and results of your contributions.