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Your Ethical Will passes down your unique values

It’s good to be reminded about Ethical Wills

Some years ago, the Community Foundation had the privilege of hosting Susan Turnbull, a remarkable speaker for our Professional Advisor’s Seminar.  Susan Turnbull had at that time, recently written a guide on creating an ethical will.  The program struck a chord with our Professional Advisor Council members who attended, as well as with our Board and staff.  Following that event, Chief Philanthropy Officer Tracy Turner, with Susan’s permission, put together a brief guide to creating your ethical will. We use the guide while working with generous donors on their legacy plans.  An ethical will is a wonderful way to gather your thoughts on your most valuable assets – which are your values and your wishes for the future.  When this information accompanies a gift to the Community Foundation or a bequest to your family, your financial assets are better appreciated and utilized.  Your bequest is an expression of you.

Recently I was reminded of the importance of Susan Turnbull’s work when Tracy forwarded a newsletter from Susan in which she had written a letter about her dad, who recently passed. Writing an ethical will, which is essentially a letter, will provide comfort and direction in the most special moments for your family. You can provide a bit of information about why you handled your estate the way you chose, and add a bit of the wisdom you’ve accumulated.  Your legacy should be genuinely about you, and the essence of what you are all about.  I can imagine Susan’s family gathering to remember her dad and enjoying a sense of warmth, family, and optimism that were his greatest gifts.  Your values are an important gift to pass along to future generations.  Certainly, they are a more significant gift than just your money.

If you would like a copy of the Guide for Ethical Wills, please call our office at 775-333-5499. We’re happy to mail or email you a copy. The Free Family Estate Planning Series begins on Wednesday, March 29th.  This is a useful series of classes, if you have not taken it yet, please consider calling us to sign-up.  If you cannot make the entire 7-weeks of class, attending even a few will provide great benefit.

At the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, we connect people, like you, who care, with causes that matter.

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