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Jack Bobbitt lived the last ten years of his life in the small Nevada desert town of Lovelock, a place he found “by accident” on the way to somewhere else.

He died in 2009 at the age of 65.

Only a few residents of this town on I-80 in the middle of Nevada knew that Bobbitt served in the military and worked in the airline industry most of his life, living in cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Kansas City, and Rota, Spain, before retiring and finding himself in Lovelock in 1999.

Bobbitt’s friend, Bob Armstrong tells the story, “Jack was on his way
to Ely from Reno and woke up in Lovelock, looked around,
said ‘Here is good enough’ – and decided to stay.”

Jack Bobbit, a Ladies Man in his day wasaffectionately called the "Town Reprobate".

Jack Bobbit, a Ladies Man in his day, was affectionately called the “Town Reprobate”by his buddies.

Bobbitt, a ladies’ man in his day, never married and had no children. He was a frugal person, affectionately called “the town reprobate,” by his buddies. He chose to live in extreme simplicity in retirement and his greatest pleasure was camping with his friends in Eureka Valley desert north of Death Valley. He belonged to a group of friends from his days working at PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines) who enjoyed camping trips together in the valley for 30 years.

Jack Montrose Bobbitt left his entire estate as an endowment at the Community Foundation of Western Nevada to “benefit the children of Lovelock,”   Annual grants from the Bobbitt fund are decided in the spring of each .year by a committee of fund advisors who knew Jack.

Below is a list of the first grants made from the Bobbit Endowment.

  • Pershing County High School will receive $2,000 to build new restrooms on the northwest end of the ball field. The girls softball, volleyball, and basketball teams and the boys baseball team were given $500 grants each for equipment and/or travel.
  • The Girl Scouts of Lovelock received $250.
  • Lovelock Pop Warner Football received $500 for equipment,
  • Lovelock Little League received $750 for general support.

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