100% Giving Board LogoThe Community Foundation of Western Nevada instituted the 100% Board Giving award program in 2008. The purpose of the program is to recognize nonprofits with boards that demonstrate their commitment to their nonprofit’s excellence by providing personal financial support for operating.

2015 List of 100% Giving Board Award Organizations

While time and talent on the board are necessary, board members’ personal financial contribution to the nonprofits they serve is crucial.

In 2008, just 13 nonprofits were able to nominate their boards for this award; that number has grown each year. In 2015, 100 organizations proudly display this award.

Each organization is given a certificate to share with their board—emblazoned with a gold star for each year they’ve earned the award.

Congratulations to all 2015 Giving Board members who support their chosen cause and the mission of their organizations by making an annual gift. You understand your role as a board member, and you are commended for your commitment.